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Filling and Start-up of your hot tub

Filling your spa is a very simple thing to do. However there are a few steps to follow. following these steps will allow you to fill your spa from the filter cavity. Filling your spa this way will prevent air bubbles from forming in the lines. Air bubbles in the lines will prevent your spa's pumps from working and could possibly burn them out.
*NOTE: Make sure to keep your spa turned off until after the spa has been filled.
The steps to fill your spa are as follows:

Spas will come with a filter lid. The lids come in various forms. Some are flat and others are round cylinders. The flat kinds will just pull off the cylindrical ones will have to be unscrewed.
Some spas will have a skimmer basket like the one shown on the left.
If you have a skimmer basket you will have to rotate it counter-clockwise until it can be pulled out. This will allow you access to the filter(s).

Next remove the filter or filters by unscrewing them from the filter cavity. Spas using stand-pipes will have a black ring at the top of the filters that will unscrew to allow you to pull the filters. In some spas there will be an inner and outer filter, start by removing the inner filter then the outer, as pictured.

Some spas will only have one large filter. These can generally be removed by just pulling up on the filter, however some of these will also have to be unscrewed.

If you spa has standpipes inside the filter cavity, you will need to unscrew them to reveal the holes to fill your tub.

Next take a water hose and place the end of the hose in one of the holes from where you unscrewed the filters.
NOTE: you will need to use the filter lid or the spa cover to hold the hose in place when you start to fill the spa. Otherwise the hose will fly out of the filter cavity.

Fill the spa to the fill line located on the flap in front of the filter cavity. Some spas will not have a flap or a fill line.
If yours does not, fill the spa until the water level is above the filters and filling approximately half of the filter cavity.

Once your spa is filled it's ready to be turned on. To do this you will have to flip the breaker on. Most spas will have one 50Amp breaker to turn them on.
However there are spas that have two breakers, a 20Amp and a 30Amp.
There is a specific order to turn these on and off in to prevent damage to the spa. Make sure to check your owner's manual to determine that order. A final type to note is some spas just plug into the wall.