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Completed Projects

Home Resort

Can you imagine yourself in this picture?  Sitting in a comfortable Meadow Décor club chair with your drink on the table and some of your friends are sitting next to you while others are sitting at the bar.  You feel the warmth of the fireplace while watching tv.  The steaks are on the grill, it's just about time to eat.  The Solara Adjustable Patio cover is open so you can see the sky if you choose.  This is leisure Living at it's best!

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Eligant Spa

Right outside of the bedroom door, this beautiful hot tub was placed in an area that is protected from the wind with walls on two sides.  The addition of a backlit stained glass window adds an elegant touch.  This area is covered by a Solara Adjustable Patio Cover that opens and closes so the homeowner can enjoy complete shade with it closed or they can appreciate the ventilation and let the sun in with it open. 

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Extended Patio and Patio Cover Project

This house originally had a very small patio and a marginal backyard.  We extended the concrete, installed a Solara Adjustable Patio Cover with stone columns, a Cal Flame outdoor kitchen, San Simeon firepit, comfortable Athena furniture and a Master Spas hot tub to create a spectacular outdoor living area!

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Ultimate Backyard Remodel!

The ultimate backyard remodel!  We started with the stained concrete and added a U-shaped island that included a bar, BBQ, refrigerator, fireplace and pop-up TV.  To create a patio cover, we installed a Solara Adjustable Patio Cover with posts that match the house.  Add a Meadow Décor firepit table with club chairs to finish it off and you have the perfect place for your leisure living.

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Full Package Patio

The patio was extended out to make room for a Michael Phelps Momentum Swim Spa by Master Spas.  The Momentum is both a swim spa and a hot tub, all in one.  It comes with a cover similar to standard hot tubs so you can keep it heated all year.  You can swim in any weather with this one.  We installed a Solara Adjustable Patio Cover with roman columns. The Solara patio cover can be open for sun and ventilation or closed for shade and to protect their patio furnishings from the elements.  The customers chose the perfect Cal Flame Firepit, Meadow Décor Furniture and Cal Flame custom island to make the most of this outdoor living area. 

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BBQ Island with a Five Burner Grill
Pictured is a custom BBQ island with a five burner grill, side burner, stainless steel refrigerator, door/drawer combo unit, 18" door, sink and faucet. The wall behind the island was already built at the customer's home and it had a slight bow in it so the back of the island had to be built with a bow, as well, so it would fit tight against the wall. This island features natural tile countertops with Ameristone on the base.
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Cheetah Patio

A cozy area to enjoy the smell of pine trees in this mountain retreat.  The owners of this home enjoy the comfort of Meadow Décor Chairs with Sunbrella cushions in the Cheetah design on their deck.

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Small Space with Big Ideas

These customers had a badly weathered patio cover so we tore it down and replaced it with this Solara Adjustable Patio Cover.  Now they are able to close it for shade or open it for sun and ventilation.  And best of all, the Solara will never need paint or stain!

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An Extension of the Master Suite

Partial walls and a Solara Adjustable Patio helped create an area with plenty of privacy while still maintaining the outdoor feel, just outside the master suite. Enjoy the Master Spa and then relax in the Meadow Décor lounge chairs or sit next to the San Simeon firepit.  The custom Sunbrella furniture cushions and Anamese ceramic pots helped add soothing color to this living space.  The Solara Adjustable Patio Cover can be closed for protection from the sun or rain or it can be closed to maintain the outdoor feeling.  The lights are on a dimmer for the perfect relaxing atmosphere. 

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Dog House in Outdoor Kitchen

Who would of thought of putting a dog house in an outdoor kitchen island?  We did.  Our customer purchased two custom islands.  One was for grilling and the other was to be used as a serving island.  Because there was not a grill in the serving island, we were able to use the space under the island to create a dog house.  We put a dog door on the end of the island and put insulation inside with a light for warmth.  On the front of the island, we put double doors so the customer could get inside the dog house area to clean when needed.  It doesn't get more custom than this and our customer has very happy dogs!

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Grilling by the Pool

This Cal Flame BBQ island has it all, with a 4 burner grill, side burner, stainless steel refrigerator, cocktail center, and storage.  To add a little height and a little shade, we added a villa to this island.  It looked outstanding and created a centerpiece in our customer's home resort.

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Inspired by the Wind

This project was inspired by the extreme winds at this home.  Since it was a new home, there weren't any mature trees and the house was on a very large lot so there weren't other homes close enough to block the wind.  We constructed a wall on the east side and a partial wall on the north side of their patio which created an outside area where they could hide from the wind but still felt open to the outdoors.  We installed an outdoor fireplace in the corner and mounted a SunBrite TV over the mantel.  They had a spectacular view of the distant mountains to the west so we added shutters to that wall so they could open it when the weather permitted.  On the opposite side of the patio is a Cal Flame BBQ island for them to enjoy.  We installed a Solara Adjustable Patio Cover so they would have the choice of having their patio cover either open or closed.  When the patio cover is open, they can enjoy the sun and have added ventilation as well.  With it closed, they can have full shade and can protect their patio furnishings from the elements.  With all of this comfort and the addition of beautiful Meadow Décor furniture, this space is used more than they ever dreamed.

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Relaxing Outdoor Living Area

  With such a great patio, this customer was able to create a very relaxing outdoor living area.  Featuring Meadow Décor furniture with custom cushions, it is both beautiful and comfortable.  With a large selection of Sunbrella fabrics, the cushions can compliment any décor.

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San Simeon Fire Pit

This San Simeon firepit is located in a patio area by the master bedroom. It's a place for the customers to unwind and discuss how the day went.  The Meadow Décor furniture is very comfortable and the firepit is very relaxing so this area is used frequently.

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She Got Tired of Washing Her Windows

We installed this Solara Adjustable Patio Cover so our customer didn't have to wash her windows so often.  The Solara protected the windows from the elements when closed and yet she could open them for more light any time she wanted.  We have a very happy customer!

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Outdoor Kitchens Dont All Have to Be Big

Sometimes, there isn't a lot of room for a large outdoor kitchen.  This customer wanted one to fit perfectly in this space so we custom built it to size and still managed to get plenty of BBQ equipment in it.

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Twin Islands

The concrete was extended out for this project so that we had a large area under the patio cover, as well as an open area for a firepit.  We installed tile over the concrete in a natural color.  We then installed a Solara Adjustable Patio Cover that attached to the roof of the home on one side.

The wife wanted a slatted roof so she wouldn't lose the light in the house and the husband wanted the shade of a solid roof.  A Solara was perfect for them because it gives them the choice of open or closed.  Open for sun and ventilation or closed for shade and to protect their patio furnishings from the elements.  We then designed the area to accommodate two custom kitchen islands with plenty of space to walk between them.  The island on one side included the Cal Flame BBQ, side burner, and refrigerator.  The island on the other side was designed to be a serving island.  Both have a raised bar on the back side where we placed Meadow Décor furniture.

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Party by the Pool

This custom Cal Flame BBQ Island offers the perfect grilling experience, as well as a raised bar.  Guests enjoy the comfort of the Athena bar stools while chatting with the chef, as well as club chairs around the firepit.  To the side of the home is a Cal Spas hot tub with a custom spa surround.  This is where the party is!

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Ultimate Privacy

With this gazebo, privacy is never questioned.  Completely enclosed and yet it still has tinted windows.  This customer has their hot tub protected from the elements and can enjoy the warm water of their hot any time they wish.

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