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How a Spa is Made

Have you ever wondered how a spa is made? So did the crew of the Science Channel's hit show "How it's Made." In this video follow them on a guided tour inside the Master Spas Factory as they go through the process of building a spa as well as many of the features of a master spa.
The process begins by having a piece of acrylic super heated and vacuum molded onto a mold for the spa's shell. Once the molded acrylic cools and has a coat of resin added to the under side for additional support it becomes the spas shell. The shells are then moved and a frame gets built onto them. The Spa is then lightly foamed and has holes cut into the shell for for jets, filters, etc. The tub then gets its plumming installed and all components are wired in. A final coat of foam is sprayed onto the interior of the spa. Then the outside insulation and paneling is added.