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Indoor Spas

Indoor spas have many special requirements. The room they are placed in, must be well ventilated to allow any built up water vapor to escape. A ventilaiton fan is highly recommended for all indoor spas, especially if access to outside doors and windows is unavailable. A floor drain is recommended to allow water to allow run off water from the spa to drain out instead of pooling under the spa. A final consideration for an indoor spa is that you need to be mindful of what material the walls and floors of the room are made from. There are many materials that will mold if exposed to water/water vapor for long periods of time. In this section we will delve into each of these requirements to give you as many options as possible.

Ventilation Fans and Humidistats

A ventilation fan is highly recommended. This will vent out the humidity that builds up in a room. As far as locations a fan can be mounted, the sky is the limit. Most fans are wired into the home, but some come with a solar panel should you decided to vent it through the roof. They can be mounted in ceilings, through walls, and through windows. The size of the motor and style of the fan is up to you. The style can be anything from the traditional flush mounted square to one built into a light fixture like the one shown to in the picture to the left. There bottom line is there are many fan manufactures to choose from to suit your needs.

Many people like the idea of a fan but don't necessarily like the idea of a fan running all of the time or having to remember to switch it on and off. This is the reason we recommend a Humidistat. A Humidistat will only allow the fans to operate when the humidity in a room reaches a certain level. They operate off of a thermostat like device that monitors the roomʼs humidity levels. A main concern that is brought up when we mention these is price. The misconception is that these are expensive. However they can be found online for around $120.00.
We recommend the following companies for more information on the above items:
TekSupply www.teksupply.com
Grainger Inc. www.grainger.com
Northern Tool & Equipment www.northerntool.com

Floor Drains

Floor drains are a useful addition to any room that houses a spa. We always recommend that you install one if you want an indoor spa. An indoor spa is prone to splashing water over the edge and for water to drain off the cover. The water will accumulate at the base of your spa and without a floor drain your options are mop it up or try to wipe it up. Thus a floor drain makes your indoor spa that much more maintenance free. Also floor drains are essential when it comes time to drain and change the spas water. With a floor drain all you have to do it hook up a garden hose to the spas drain line and run it to the drain. This is alot easier than trying to connect hoses to drain the water outside the house.

Mold and Mildew Resistant Wall Materials

In order to keep a room from molding, some people chose to go for a complete remodel of their room. Other like to keep it simple. There are many options to ensure that your spa room will not mold on you. If you have standard drywall in the room you can simply go to any home improvement or paint store and purchase a mold and mildew resistant paint. Most of these are guaranteed to last up to 5 years . However in order to maintain their anti-mold properties, it needs to be re-applied every so often.
If you decide to go a little farther, home improvent stores and most lumber yards also sell a mold and mildew resistant drywall. This combined with the paint will help keep you and your family safe from mold for a longer period of time between re-applications of paint.
If you wish to go for completely maintenance free there are many options for that as well. Tile or decorative stone walls will last an incredibly long time with out any maintenance and will not mold. The only thing is to make sure the grout has been properly sealed when they are installed. This is an easy way to maintenance proof your spa room and add some extra design style.
Many people who want an indoor spa, like to put them in their homes sun-rooms. Sun-rooms give you a unique opportunity to design your spa room. Keep in mind if your sun-room has a teak wood deck, this is a mold free material and some decks are sturdy enough to support a spa.


If you decide to put a spa indoors make sure to look at the dimensions of your spa and see if it can be wheeled inside through doors and halways. Keep in mind spas are usually wheeled in on their sides so look for ceiling clearance as well as width through door frames and hallways. In some cases at the customer's request door frames and windows have been removed to allow a spa to be placed in a room.