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Designed To Fit

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American Whirlpool 100 MAAX 461
The American Whirlpool 100 offers seating for four. Designed for comfort and elegance, it is the perfect model for patios, decks and smaller backyards.
The MAAX Collection 461 is the perfect patio spa. The 461 features the rejuvenation of full body immersion and a variety of seating. The layout includes barrier-free seating, deeper Zone Therapy™ seating and a lounge to accomodate any size.
MAAX 470 MAAX 471
The MAAX Collection 470 has a unique interior design that allows comfortable seating for seven while permitting full body immersion in the performance seat. This is the ideal model for those who enjoy outdoor entertaining or quiet conversation among friends.
The MAAX Collection 471 is our most popular hot tub and offers a single performance lounge with a foot relief zone and seating for up to six spa enthusiasts. There are two bucket seats with our specially designed comfort collar and Zone Thereapy™ feature. This popular size is perfect for families or couples.
MAAX 472 MAAX 480
The MAAX Collection 472 is the ideal spa for those couples looking to relax together. This model offers a performance lounge, standard lounge, one bucket seat with Zone Therapy™ and seating for five comfortably.
The MAAX Collection 480 is one of the largest spas in the MAAX Collection Series. It offers six barrier-free seats, two comfort collars, and a variety of jet patterns. This is the perfect spa for entertaining guests in your backyard retreat.
MAAX 481 MAAX 482
The MAAX Collection 481 can seat six comfortably with bucket seating and a performance lounge. The deluxe and premium therapy package also offers the Foot Relief Zone™ for the ultimate spa experience. Extra space and an oversized footwell ensure additional room to stretch.
The MAAX Collection 482 has comfortable seating for five with a performance lounge and a standard lounge, allowing you and your loved one to unwind together. The unique design offers a conversation area. The deluxe and premium therapy package provides the Foot Relief Zone™ and Zone Therapy™ targeting both the upper and lower parts of the feet and back.
MAAX 581 MAAX 705
Homeowners no longer have to choose between an in ground spa that matches their backyard or one that offers comfort and hydrotherapy. MAAX Spas advanced, physician-designed Zone Therapy still provides the core spa experience. Now, the exterior look and feel can integrate with its surroundings.
The 705 features a “performance” lounge and a standard lounge with calf and thigh jets. The corner seat is designed with special “reverse” molded technology to provide a full body spa experience with jets on the front and the back.
MAAX 780 MAAX 781
The 780 is a blend of spacious design and specialized hydrotherapy. There is seating for 7 adults in a variety of jetting arrays to meet the different needs of the bather. The 780 incorporates two zone therapy seats, dual shiatsu seats and a side by side conversation area for couples to curl up in.
The 781 has seating for 5 adults with a variety of hydrotherapy systems. The “performance” lounge has a foot relief zone and a dynamic jet sequencer for a head to toe hydrotherapy experience. The 781 includes a zone therapy seat, a shiatsu seat and a conversation area to deliver a complete hydrotherapy experience.
MAAX 811
The largest spa in the line, the 811 features a full size lounge, zone therapy seat, effleurage and shiatsu massage. The over sized footwell allows plenty of space for exercising. Perfect for the entire family or those who demand the ultimate home spa experience