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Outdoor Spa Foundations

Preparing an Outdoor Site:

One of the most important things to think about when considering a spa is what are you going to put it on. If you have chosen to place it outside there are many options. In this section we will discuss these options, so that you will have a sturdy and level surface that is safe for your spa and yourself.

Pre-Fabricated Pads

SmartDeck Spa and hot tub pad SmartDeck Spa Pad is a great alternative to a concrete slab, and provide an attractive base. The pads are speedy, inexpensive, and maintenance free. The pads interlock to make a solid base for a spa. Unlike poured concrete, the base can be easily removed later if desired. Pads can be combined to make custom sizes. A typical box will create a 8' X 8" Pad with attractive trim.

Gravel Foundation

Gravel or Crushed Rock is one of the least expensive materials for a spa base. Make sure that the ground work beneath is properly compacted and level to prevent future settling and rain water damage. Also the gravel will need some sort of a border to keep the gravel from washing away. A border could be stone, brick, or wood.

Concrete Foundation

A concrete slab is the most durable, stable and most recommend foundation for a spa. It can be formed in many shapes, the minimum thickness we recommend is 4 inches with rebar reinforcements. Also there are many colors of stains for concrete for decorative purposes that can be applied, an example of a stained pad is in the picture above.

Stone and Brick Foundations

The use of paver stones or bricks as a foundation has been done before. This type of decking allows for many options such as colors, textures, and patterns. Paver Stones are made by a large number of companies and ultimately give you a wide variety of choices. Whether you have an existing pad, you have a contractor build one, or are a do-it-yourself person, these stones can make an stylish addition to any space. The major concern with these is making sure they are properly leveled and that the ground has been packed tight to prevent damage from settling. An advantage to using this type of foundation is that the rain water will soak through the decking and not pool at the base of the spa.


A spa can be easily placed on a patio deck or elevated deck. Make sure the deck is set up to handle the weight of the spa. Especially if the spa is going to be placed on an elevated deck. A spa can also be sunk into a deck if you chose. If you decide to sink it into a deck, make sure that there is still access to the side panels. The panels may need to be removed in the future for servicing.


Wherever you decide to put your spa, it is always advisable to check the dimensions of your spa against the size of your gates or doors to see if the spa can be wheeled into place. Should you decide to place your spa in a place such as: an elevated deck, a location that doesn't have a gate wide enough to allow access, or in an obstructed area, you may need to use a crane to put the spa into place. Many shy away from using a crane because of concerns over cost. The good news is the use of cranes is less than you might think, mostly as low as a few hundred dollars depending upon the job.
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