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Winterizing Your Hot Tub

When Winter approaches some people like to shut down their spas. This process is called winterizing. Winterizing your spa is easy to do, however there are a few necessary steps to ensure your spa makes it safely through the winter. This guide goes step by step through this process.

The first step to winterizing your spa is to turn off your spa's heater.
To do this look on your hot tubs display pannel and look for some sort of heating symbol like the one circled on the picture to the left. If you spa is heating turn down the heat by 10 degrees and waiting for the heater to turn off.

The next step is to turn off your spa, you can do this by going to the circut pannel and turning off the breaker.

Next drain the Spa making sure to wipe out the water from the bottom of the spa. This will prevent the water from freezing and causing pipes to explode and the shell to crack.
The picture on the left is a spa where the water has frozen into a solid block in the winter.

Once all water has been pumped or drained out of the spa make sure to use a wet/dry shop vacuum to suck the water from the spa lines. Take the hose and put it over the hole in the base of the filter cavity and each jet. This will prevent water from freezing and breaking the plumming lines like in the picture on the left.

The final step in this process is to cover your spa to prevent sun damage and to prevent further water from getting into the spa.
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