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Where are My Kids?

One of the biggest challenges in parenting is making sure you know where your kids are. And even when you do know where they are, you worry about their safety when they are gone.The best place I found for them to hang out is at my own home.I realized that the kids would want to go to a fun place so I came up with a plan.

I decided to put a new pool table in the dining room!Well, of course, the first question that came to mind was how much does a pool table cost? I made a trip to All About Spas in Roswell and discovered that they can be very affordable if I wanted them to be and the price went up as the quality increased, ultimately allowing me to choose a price that was within my budget.I also purchased a dining room table top for the pool table so that if I wanted to use the room as a dining room, I still could.The pool cues, triangle, brush and chalk all came in a handy kit.The kids spend a lot of time playing pool and so do the adults.We now play pool with friends and family on a regular basis.What a lot of healthy fun!

The pool table worked so well to bring family and friends together that I decided to consider a second purchase.A hot tub!Then the questions began.110V or 220V, hot many jets and pumps, what size, stereo, LED lights?The sales reps at All About Spas helped me answer all of these questions and we found the perfect spa for us, at a good price.We had the choice of putting the spa inside or outside so we chose to put it on the back patio.The spa, just like the pool table, was a big hit.I found the coverlift to be a great tool, as it makes it easier to lift the cover off of the hot tub and also holds it off of the ground when the hot tub is in use.The spa chemicals were very easy to learn and I hardly notice the increase in electricity.The spa is a great tool to keep the kids entertained at our house.And it isnˈt just for the kids, we enjoy it as a family, as well.

Would I invest in a pool table and hot tub if I had it to do all over again?Absolutely!My home is the place to be while the kids are growing up.Keeping them entertained at home is keeping them out of trouble.I am grateful to All About Spas for helping me make my home fun.


Chelisy Saint

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